About Us

A full service, mobile, IT company.

Tech Rockstars has become a trusted name that people rely on every day.

The increase in demand for technical services is evident....an increase that has sparked our interest to alleviate the hassles and complications that come with a growing technical environment.

Since computer hardware, software and “broadband internet connections have proliferated,
individuals and small businesses alike have come to depend on the technology. Although this technology provides many opportunities previously unavailable, 
it also provides many headaches. Most of these headaches can be avoided if the technology is setup and maintained professionally. We can show you how.

With all the inexpensive computers and cheap high speed internet connections, we’ve recently seen resurgence in technology growth...and not just in the workplace. The need for remote access from
the home to the office has been increasing, as well. In response, we are building Tech Rockstars to create solutions to meet those IT needs. Our goal is to provide first class service with talented technical professionals who will provide solutions that meet your needs and fit your budget.


About our owner... 

Like many other famous Steve’s before him that have played major roles in shaping the I.T. world into what it is today, our Steve Price is the brainchild behind Tech Rockstars.  Developing an early interest in computers, Steve began tinkering around with any and every electronic he could get his hands on, discovering how they worked and coming up with new ways to improve them.  Starting out fixing computers for his family, he soon began getting calls from friends and neighbors to fix their computers too.  At just 10 years-old, Steve had his first job maintaining the computer lab at the elementary school where his mother worked.  It wasn’t long after that that he began to take on more clients. It was obvious that he had a love for computers and a passion for helping people. Being sure that this was what he wanted to do with his life and a clear vision of how he wanted to achieve it, Steve then started Price Enterprises in 2003 after receiving his associates’ degree in Computer Electronic Engineering Technology at ITT Tech in West Covina. Not wanting to go into debt like so many small business owners fall into, Steve took on a job at Dalia’s Pizza. An I.T. super hero by day, a pizza delivery boy at night.  Working two jobs took a toll on the then 21 year-old, but he was determined not to give up on his dream.  A year later Steve quit Dalia’s Pizza to focus on growing his business, asking his good friend, Lalo Guiterrez, to partner with him.  It was challenging and exciting, depending solely on the business to make ends meet while dealing with the hardships and hurdles that the economy sent flying at small business owners.  In the next following years, Steve struggled to maintain the company. Sadly, in 2007 two years after Lalo had joined the team he left to pursue a career as a real estate agent, and Price Enterprises had to shut its doors.  Steve had to sell everything in order to make the payments that had been piling up. 

Never one to give up, Steve got by with the support of his loyal customers, and dream his of serving his own and neighboring communities I.T. needs, big or small, simple or complex, with the best customer service in all of Southern California, was still alive and burning in his heart.

During that time Steve found himself with opportunity to pursue his other love – Music. Steve began playing guitar in a band.  It was almost immediately he discovered not only was he playing with other talented musicians, but he was also surrounded with those who also shared his love of I.T. and helping people. Soon after, Tech Rockstars was born in August 2008.  Steve knew there would be challenges starting a business in the midst of the economic meltdown, but he had a new dream team that was dedicated to seeing this baby through, and he was prepared to tackle any obstacles in his way.  The challenges have indeed come, but through all the loss and the setbacks Steve has never lost sight of his vision: The belief that every customer, big or small, should have access to the best solutions for the most reasonable prices with second to none customer service available.  And that is why today Tech Rockstars is still here, providing reliable I.T. support to dozens of businesses and consumers day in and day out throughout the San Gabriel Valley and beyond.


We are located at:
850 S. Myrtle Ave
Monrovia, CA 91016